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The Swing Barrel's patented independently adjustable soft side pads kick out on contact to tell you if you're swaying or swinging ‘in the barrel.’ Learn to turn™ and groove the move.™
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A Four-Star FORE Review

Posted by Jeff Barrel on Oct 9, 2013

This Swing Barrel Review was written by a SCGA member as a product to feature in the Golf Goods section of FORE, a Southern California Golf Association publication. The Golf Goods section focuses on new, improved or popular golf related products. The article below was written by Michael Sheehy (SCGA member), and has been edited for publication. The Swing Barrel arrived and although it looked fairly complex it was a breeze to assemble in under 5 minutes. Made of strong, high quality metal the device was very stable and built to last. It was simple to adjust the arms to the level of my hip height so the device was ready to use. I reviewed the video on the swing Barrel website – it was a simple and informative video. I think all a golfer needs to know is included in the video and each golfer needs to experiment with setting the bars at different heights and at different distances from the body to achieve the optimal result for themselves. I was very excited to try the device with a full swing and I took it to the range the next day. Feeling slightly self-conscious I went to the end of the range where I’d be less conspicuous. (And I didn’t want anyone asking to try the Swing Barrel…I wanted it all to myself!) I began hitting balls and found the immediate feedback to be very helpful. It didn’t take long to get the arms set to just a few inches on either side of my hips and making a full swing without moving the padded arms. When they...

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Add a Little Flare to your Setup!

Posted by Jeff Barrel on Aug 16, 2013

I just read a great article in the most recent issue of New England Golfing Magazine about flaring out your feet to allow for better hip turn. The article was written by Gene Mulak, Director of Golf at The Vineyard Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard. Gene talks about positioning the feet with enough outward flare to allow the hips to turn fully. “When the feet are angled outward at address, the golfer can turn the hips more on the backswing but will also allow the golfer to have the necessary hip slide forward on the downswing. If a golfer only turned and returned on the downswing, it would make it impossible to have the entire player’s weight get forward at the finish. The hip slide component is one of the biggest moves that separate the expert player from the everyday player.” The Swing Barrel’s adjustability for width will allow you set the forward pad to allow for this slight hip slide. If you combine Gene’s outward flaring of the feet along with a prober hip turn that the Swing Barrel promotes, the golfer will definitely see...

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Swing Barrel Replicates Percy Boomer’s Timeless Lesson

Posted by Jeff Barrel on Jul 12, 2013

Golf Digest article on how the SwingBarrel brings Percy Boomer’s timeless lesson to life!

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My Dad Likes the Swing Barrel

Posted by Jeff Barrel on Jul 1, 2013

“My dad likes the SWING BARREL I bought him and says he feels it has helped. He didn’t realize how much he moved back and forth. He is probably a 95-100 golfer and he hit 90 the other day.” Bryan

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What PGA Professionals are saying about the Swing Barrel

Posted by Jeff Barrel on Jun 17, 2013

We check in from time to time with our PGA Professionals to see what they think of the Swing Barrel.  We loved the answer we got from Tony Greidanus, PGA Head Golf Professional at The Country Club of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA.  We asked Tony if he had started to use the Swing Barrel.  His answers was short and to the point.  He replied “Used it today for the first time…I like it!” We hear that a lot, “I like it”.  They like it because the Swing Barrel is easy to assemble , easy to use and it works.  The patented independently adjustable arms make it easy to focus on different areas of the golf swing, giving you instant feed back if your moving laterally opposed to turning or rotating your hips. The Swing Barrel will improve your swing.  You will hit the ball further, straighter and enjoy the game more.  Golf is a difficult sport, so you want a swing aid that makes it easy and fun to improve.  The Swing Barrel is one of those golf swing aids.  Give it a try, you’ll be happy you did....

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Hip Turn

Posted by Jeff Barrel on Jun 12, 2013

Most golfer are familiar with the term swaying or lateral movement in the golf swing.  When this occurs, you lose distance and control because you haven’t created the proper torque.  Torque is the coiling and uncoiling of your upper body. To create torque (coil) on the back swing, your hips should turn or rotate back, in a circular path, approximately 20 to 40 degrees, while your shoulders make a 90 degree turn. This is done by rotating around a consistent spine angle. On the down swing, you uncoil by first rotating you hips back to there normal position and on round to where your belt buckle is facing your target line.  Your upper body and arms will follow. No matter what type of swing you have, whether you’re a beginner or advanced golfer, this basic element of the golf swing never changes. Watch the PGA Tour players, their hips rotate around a consistent spine angle.  They have very little or no hip movement straight back or straight forward along the target line.  They turn their hips around their spine.  Like they’re swinging inside a barrel....

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